of the New Human & The New Earth is now here

Accelerate your Conscious Evolution

& Clear your path to Enlightenment

with Freya Maia

Prophesied by the Ancients as the greatest transformation of consciousness ever known.

But why is it happening and what will it mean for our experience of 'Reality'?

After 30 years of silence Freya now shares her extraordinary experiences

as living proof of a far more Magical, Mystical and Mysterious 'Reality' that is now emerging.

It's time to prepare for what is coming to us all...

...are you ready?

It's increasingly clear that a great transformation of human consciousness is occurring. The crises we face today are creating the fuel we need to transform as individuals and as a species. This time of transformation was accurately predicted by ancient civilisations as the end of the Winter of a Great Year Cycle of some 26,000 years.

The New Spring is now arriving and with it the shoots of a new expansion of consciousness. It brings with it a deeper understanding of who we really are and why we are here but most importantly it will bring a fundamental transformation of our experience of 'reality'.

It could be described as a collective initiation into a deeper reality and the opportunity to return to the harmony of what the ancients called Unity Consciousness.

What is the deeper reality and how what must we do in order to experience it?

I'm Freya Lawton and I've been on my own journey of initiation into Unity Consciousness for over 30 years. You can listen to that journey and the insights I've gained from it on The Myth of Reality podcast.

My journey has led me to prepare myself and others that are ready and willing to follow their initiatory path to expand their consciousness and access the greater potential that lies within each of us.

This is the human we came here to be; compassionate, creative

and balanced between heart and mind, Yin/Yang, masculine/feminine aspects within us. Able to restore harmony, to heal ourselves and others, with senses far greater in number and sensitivity than we have been led to believe is possible. A New Human with deep understanding of how our outer world mirrors our inner state of consciousness and with the vision and courage to transform it from within.

To evolve along the initiatory path we will free ourselves from the conditioned (limiting) beliefs, discord and trauma that we have each accumulated from a world suffering from a vast period of contracted human consciousness. We will move from being a victim of random circumstance to a conscious creator of our personal and collective reality. My book 'The StillFlow Way to Peace' is a simple guidebook to begin that transformation.

It is these New Humans that will guide humanity away from the precipice we now face. They in turn will also be guided and assisted by powerful aspects of inter-dimensional consciousness that have guided and assisted humanity throughout time. The labels they have been given may differ from culture to culture: the Shining Ones, the Gods and Goddesses, the Watchers, The Masters of Wisdom, the Neters but their objective remains the same; to assist humanity to evolve in consciousness at times of great crisis/opportunity.

Right now we each have the opportunity to ride this incredible wave of transformation, to deepen our experience of reality into the magic and mystery now being revealed and become that new type of human being.

How will our experience of 'Reality' be transformed?

Listen to The Myth of Reality Podcast

In the podcast I finally share my own journey in which my experience and understanding of 'reality' have been fundamentally transformed. It began more than 30 years ago and continues today. I now understand it to be my own Initiatory pathway into Unity Consciousness. It is an incredible journey of metaphysical experiences, mystical encounters and synchronistic events that have systematically revealed a deeper interconnected nature to our reality.

"In the 1990s, whilst studying Psychology at University I had a dream which shattered my concept of what was 'real'. From that moment on my reality deepened and deepened. None of these experiences were sought or expected. What was revealed was a radically different reality - interconnected through a vast web of synchronicities and incredible encounters with a single, consistent narrative... a great transformation of consciousness is coming!

I know that it is now time to share this story publicly. I've sensed for many years that it is indicative of what is to come for us all. A great transformation of our perception of reality into what I now call Unity Consciousness. I hope that in doing so I will create a space in which these experiences can be accepted as part of our evolutionary experience at this most extraordinary time for humanity and the Earth."

How can we help ourselves, friends and family to be part of this amazing transformational opportunity?

Read The StillFlow Way to Peace

A simple guide to the principles of aligning with universal laws that open the gateway to Unity Consciousness

Move Beyond Duality

Restore Harmony Within You

Transform Your Relationships

Learn to Work with Energy

Experience the World is a Mirror

Would you like personal support for your Journey into Unity Consciousness?

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I offer Energy Clearing as part of every call to release whatever is most beneficial for you to let go of at this time.

“This is really fundamental work and thank goodness you’re sharing this information."

“I simply feel now, that whatever happens, it is OK, everything is OK”

“Every conversation I have with Freya is an opportunity for greater realisation and freedom.”

How can we accelerate our conscious evolution and prepare for the coming transformation of 'reality'?

Explore these questions and many more with me and a community of evolving souls in my online Conscious Conversations held via Zoom.

I look forward to meeting you.

Much love


Join our Conscious Conversations and Explore the Reality Revolution

  • Online conversations based on my own 30+ year experience of our deeper reality.

  • The opportunity to share your own experiences in a safe and supportive community environment.

  • Understand why our experience of reality now appears to be so limited but is now expanding once more.

  • Explore the cyclical nature and expansion and contraction of consciousness.

  • What did the ancients know and what did they predict will happen next?

  • How to prepare for the end of the Great Year 26,000 year cycle and the birth of a new expansion of human consciousness.

  • What is Awakening?

  • What is the experience of Enlightenment actually like?

  • What is Ascension and will it happen to you?

  • How do these concepts shape our understanding of the 'chaos' now occurring on Earth?

  • What does synchronicity tell us about our reality?

  • Are we being guided by higher levels of consciousness on our evolutionary path?

  • Is reality governed by immutable laws - if so how do we align with them?

  • Does a deeper understanding of those laws help us to shape our reality?

  • What is a New Human and how do we become one?

  • What is the New Earth and how will we assist in its creation?

Conscious Conversations include...

What is Christ-

Buddha- Krishna Consciousness and how do we access it?

Why understanding the Toroidal cycles

of the Breath of Life changes everything

How are we shaping Reality?

How can we utilise the Power

of Living Water?

What are 'Sacred'

Sites and what do they tell us about 'reality'?

The World

as a Mirror

The Evolutionary impact of

Crop Circles

Who are

the Watchers?

Are we witnessing return of the Gods?

What is


The role of 'fiction'

in shaping 'reality'.

How do we release ourselves from

linear time and what happens then?

What is

Synchronicity and why does it matter?


Alignment to


What is Gnosis?

Coming Soon!

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